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Univariate analysis of variables with PVLMILVH as the outcome variable.

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posted on 04.04.2014, 03:54 by Bernard Cudjoe Nkum, Frank Botsi Micah, Theophilus C. Ankrah, Ousman Nyan

P  =  Statistical test of significance of association.

CI  =  Confidence Interval.

OR  =  Odds Ratio.

BMI  =  Body Mass Index BMI≥30 (kg/m2)  =  General obesity.

WHR  =  Waist hip ratio  =  Central obesity.

SBP  =  Systolic Blood Pressure.

DBP  =  Diastolic Blood Pressure.

HIGH WHR  =  WHR>0.9 for males and >0.8 for females.