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Synonymous (πS) and nonsynonymous (πN) nucleotide diversity in epitope and non-epitope regions from all animals.

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posted on 2012-10-24, 01:19 authored by Austin L. Hughes, Ericka A. Becker, Michael Lauck, Julie A. Karl, Andrew T. Braasch, David H. O’Connor, Shelby L. O’Connor

Paired t-tests of the hypothesis that πS = πN; a P<0.05; b P<0.01.

Nucleotide diversity is analyzed in all 12 epitope and non-epitope regions of the SIV genomes isolated from all four animals (mean values by gene). T-tests of the hypothesis that πS or πN for CY0165 equals the corresponding value for the other animals: c P<0.01; d P<0.001.