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Summary of regions associated with log SHBG, log estradiol, and log testosterone levels at P<10−5 from GWAS meta-analyses. of non-PMH users.

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posted on 04.06.2012, 02:23 by Jennifer Prescott, Deborah J. Thompson, Peter Kraft, Stephen J. Chanock, Tina Audley, Judith Brown, Jean Leyland, Elizabeth Folkerd, Deborah Doody, Susan E. Hankinson, David J. Hunter, Kevin B. Jacobs, Mitch Dowsett, David G. Cox, Douglas F. Easton, Immaculata De Vivo

From NCI genome build 35. bMajor/minor allele. cMinor allele frequency.


Combined effect sizes and P values are calculated using a fixed-effects meta-analysis (METAL software).