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Summary of adult lifespan assays in various mutant backgrounds.

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posted on 25.09.2012, 00:13 by Yongsoon Kim, Hong Sun

All the assays were carried out at 20°C and on regular NGM plates. For Set #4, assays were carried out on plates containing FuDR (50 µg/ml) to avoid the internal hatching of the asm-3(ok1744);age-1(mg305) mutant animals. Each experiment was individually grouped and statistical analyses were carried out for the experiment data set and the wild-type control data set in each group (P values). In addition, statistical analyses were carried out for the survival data of the assayed single mutant (marked as *) and the corresponding double mutant containing the asm-3(ok1744) allele (*P values). In Set #6, P value between asm-3(ok1744) and asm-3(ok1744);akt-1(mg306) is 0.064. Each set of the lifespan experiments was repeated at least two independent times and similar results were obtained. Data from representative sets of experiments are shown. Greater than 50 worms were counted for each strain in each experiment.