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Studies Conducted with Healthy Subjects.

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posted on 12.12.2014 by Petra I. Baeumler, Johannes Fleckenstein, Shin Takayama, Michael Simang, Takashi Seki, Dominik Irnich

Sensory thresholds are abbreviated as follows: CDT: cold detection threshold; CPT: cold pain threshold; HPT: heat pain threshold; MDT: mechanical detection threshold; MPS: mechanical pain sensitivity; MPT: mechanical pain threshold; PPT: pressure pain threshold; TSL: thermal sensory limen; VDT: vibration detection threshold; WDT: warm detection threshold; Acupuncture styles are abbreviated as follows: EA: electroacupuncutre; MA: manual acupuncture; DN: dry needling; Acupuncture points are abbreviated according to the WHO standard international nomenclature [147].

Studies Conducted with Healthy Subjects.