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Structure and function analysis of eif-3.K.

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posted on 09.05.2012, 00:31 by Chun-Yi Huang, Jia-Yun Chen, Shu-Chun Wu, Chieh-Hsiang Tan, Ruei-Ying Tzeng, Pei-Ju Lu, Yu-Feng Wu, Ruey-Hwa Chen, Yi-Chun Wu

aTransgenic animals were subjected to heat-shock (+) or left at 20°C (−).


Transgenic embryos were scored for the number of cell corpses 1.5 hrs after heat shock.

(see Materials and methods).

Data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation from two independent stably transmitting lines. Greater than 20 embryos were analyzed from each line.

For the Plet-858 expressing transgene, eif-3.K mutant embryos carrying the transgene were compared to eif-3.K mutant without the transgene.

For the Phsp expressing transgene, the transgenic embryos after heat shock were compared to the corresponding transgenic embryos without heat shock. All comparisons were performed using the unpaired t test (*P<0.05, **P<0.001).


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