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Setup and design of the Polyfermentor Intestinal Model (PolyFermS).

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posted on 30.10.2013, 19:52 by Annina Zihler Berner, Susana Fuentes, Alexandra Dostal, Amanda N. Payne, Pamela Vazquez Gutierrez, Christophe Chassard, Franck Grattepanche, Willem M. de Vos, Christophe Lacroix

Control (CR) and test reactors (TR) were continuously inoculated with effluents from inoculum reactors (IR) containing 30% (v/v) of fecal beads from donors A (model A), B (model B) and C (model C), respectively. Metabolites were quantified daily by HPLC analysis. Community structure was studied by HITChip analyses at selected time points t1, t2, t3 and t4. RT, mean retention time.