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Rotational correlation times (τc) for spin-labeled (SL) sphingomyelin (SL-SM), phosphatidylcholine (SL-PC), and phosphatidylserine (SL-PS) incorporated in the cell membrane of fresh boar sperm, recorded in BTS and in the presence of gentamicin, c-WFW, c-WWW, and MK5E at 16°C, 22°C, and 38°C, respectively.

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posted on 18.06.2014, 03:50 by Martin Schulze, Christof Junkes, Peter Mueller, Stephanie Speck, Karin Ruediger, Margitta Dathe, Karin Mueller

N-(4-doxylpentanoyl)-trans-sphingenyl-1-phosphocholine (SL-SM).

1-Palmitoyl-2-(4-doxylpentanoyl)-phoshatidylcholine (SL-PC).

1-Palmitoyl-2-(4-doxylpentanoyl)-phosphatidylserine (SL-PS).

not determined (n. d.).


Values are means calculated from spectra of four independent sperm samples (SD<0.05).