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Risk factor analysis using multivariate logistic regression analysis for non-adherence and loss to follow-up in a cohort of HIV-infected adults enrolled in the Botswana Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Trial, 2004–2008.

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posted on 2011-04-25, 00:27 authored by Deborah A. Gust, Barudi Mosimaneotsile, Unami Mathebula, Balladiah Chingapane, Zaneta Gaul, Sherri L. Pals, Taraz Samandari

Notes. Missing values are not included; AOR = adjusted odds ratio, SD = standard deviation.

*Overall significant, i.e. P<0.05 by Type 3 analysis of effects.

‘–’ = Not included in multiple regression model because P-value>0.25 in bivariate analysis.

Examples of other responses included:“to receive TB education”, “receive free medical care”, “to prevent TB”, “to receive incentives for taking part”, “recruited or advised to do so”, “because I am HIV positive”, “to help my country”, “to help the study succeed.”


For the variable Age, this column reflects the mean ± standard deviation of the mean (SD).