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Results of simple mediation models.

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posted on 03.11.2015, 04:09 by Mollie A. Monnig, Ronald A. Yeo, J. Scott Tonigan, Barbara S. McCrady, Robert J. Thoma, Amithrupa Sabbineni, Kent E. Hutchison

* indicates significant mediator. For significant mediators, β is the standardized coefficient for the regression of WMF on the mediator. The standardized coefficient β is the change in the outcome in SD units for one SD change in the predictor. R2 is the variance accounted for in WMF by the model.

Abbreviations: ADS = Alcohol Dependence Scale; AUDIT = Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test; CFI = comparative fit index; DPDD = drinks per drinking day; ICS = Impaired Control Scale; Last drink = days since last drink; PDD = proportion of days drinking; PHDD = proportion heavy drinking days; RMSEA = root-mean-square error of approximation; SRMR = standardized root mean square residual.

Results of simple mediation models.