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Results of agreeableness regression.

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posted on 2013-11-27, 03:19 authored by Stefan Koelsch, Stavros Skouras, Sebastian Jentschke

The table shows results of voxel-wise regressions between Eigenvector Centrality Maps (ECMs, controlled for age and gender) and agreeableness scores, corrected for multiple comparisons (p<.05). MNI-coordinates, cluster sizes, and z-values refer to the analysis in which one single ECM per participant (calculated for the entire fMRI session) entered the second-level analysis. The three columns on the right indicate maximum z-values in the respective structures when ECMs were computed separately for each emotion condition (joy, fear, and neutral, see Methods). Abbreviations: l: left; r: right; post.: posterior; ACC: anterior cingulate cortex; MNI: Montreal Neurological Institute; NAc: nucleus accumbens; SFG: superior frontal gyrus; SFS: superior frontal sulcus; SMA: supplementary motor area.


The cluster with the peak voxel in area 32 had another local maximum in the ACC.


The cluster with the peak voxel in the r caudate had another local maximum in the NAc.