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Pulmonary Vascular Hemodynamic data.

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posted on 2015-12-02, 03:54 authored by Mohamed Elgendi, Shine Kumar, Long Guo, Jennifer Rutledge, James Y. Coe, Roger Zemp, Dale Schuurmans, Ian Adatia

Abbreviations: LAp = Left atrial pressure, L/min/m2 = Liters per minute per meter squared, PAp = Pulmonary arterial pressure, PAWp = pulmonary artery wedge pressure, PVRI = pulmonary vascular resistance index, QPI = Pulmonary blood flow index, WUm2 = Wood Units x meter squared, Note PVRI calculated from pressures at the time of QPI measurement not acoustic recording

Subjects #1–11 with Pulmonary arterial hypertension (mean pulmonary arterial pressure ≥25 mmHg).