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Proteins that were significantly altered by the disruption of MMCAP2_0241 in Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides as determined by iTRAQ™.

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posted on 31.12.2012 by Ayman B. Allam, Mary B. Brown, Leticia Reyes

The gene locus was identified using the Molligen database and the M. mycoides subsp. capri GM12, taxon:436113 genome sequence. A protein may be listed in more than one category if it has multiple functions. Accession numbers refer to GenBank ( The protein sequences are available at GenBank ( and via Genomes on Line ( Protein ratios were generated by dividing the spectral intensity of a specific protein in the M. mycoides subsp. capri ctpA (clpP)::tetM mutant by the spectral intensity of the specific protein in M. mycoides capri GM12. Protein ratios were calculated with the Pro Group™ algorithm (Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX). Only ratios from the spectra that are distinct to each protein (or protein form) were used for the calculation. Only proteins with 95% or greater confidence and an error factor (EF)<2 were considered. Proteins were decreased in the mutant if the mean ratio was <1.0; proteins were increased in the mutant if the mean ratio was >1.0. Proteins were grouped according to global biologic function as assigned in the Molligen 2.0 database [28] and/or UniProt [29], [30]. Protein ratios were considered significantly different if they had P values <0.01 as determined by the Pro Group™ algorithm [27].