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Proportion of patients falling below, between, and above the Virco Clinical Cut-offs (All BC Virtual Phenotypes with one or more IAS Key mutation).

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posted on 2011-02-24, 01:45 authored by Luke C. Swenson, Graham Pollock, Brian Wynhoven, Theresa Mo, Winnie Dong, Robert S. Hogg, Julio S. G. Montaner, P. Richard Harrigan

The drugs DLV and RTV were not included because the Virco clinical cut-offs are not reported for these agents.

*A total of 3 drugs have only one biological cut-off (for in vitro susceptibility): FTC, NVP, and EFV.

The category (below, between, above) where a majority of samples fall is bolded for each agent.

AZT – zidovudine, 3TC – lamivudine; ddI – didanosine; d4T – stavudine; ABC – abacavir; FTC – emtricitabine; TDF – tenofovir; NVP – nevirapine; EFV – efavirenz; ETR – etravirine; /r – ritonavir boosted; IDV – indinavir; NFV – nelfinavir; SQV – saquinavir; FPV – fosamprenavir; LPV – lopinavir; ATV – atazanavir; TPV – tipranavir; DRV – darunavir.