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Primer Sequences and Cycling Conditions.

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posted on 2014-01-20, 03:07 authored by Pakieli H. Kaufusi, James F. Kelley, Richard Yanagihara, Vivek R. Nerurkar

Construct name. The numbers in parentheses indicate the NS4B amino acid (aa) from 1–255 and the minus sign represent the number of aa to C-teminal ends of NS4A preceding NS4B protein.


Primer name. The CT or NT in the primer name denotes C- or N-terminal end of NS4B with respect to GFP fusion protein whereas the F or R denotes the sense or antisense primer, respectively.


The Kozak sequence is in bold, lowercase and italicize. The nucleotides in lower case only are codon filling nucleotides. The viral sequences are in uppercase.


GenBank Accession No. AF196835.