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Presence of pheromone receptors in different F. velutipes strains of wide geographical distribution.

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posted on 20.07.2011, 01:37 by Arend F. van Peer, Soon-Young Park, Pyung-Gyun Shin, Kab-Yeul Jang, Young-Bok Yoo, Young-Jin Park, Byoung-Moo Lee, Gi-Ho Sung, Timothy Y. James, Won-Sik Kong

The table shows a clear distinction in distribution between FvSTE3.1, FvSTE3.2 and other pheromone receptors from strain KACC42780 when analyzed in geographically distant F. velutipes strains. Presence was determined by PCR analysis on genomic DNA of two compatible mating types of each strain. Locations of the strains were as follows: 4004−23 +4004−32, Korea; 4031−4+4031−10, Korea; 4028−34+4028−38, Taiwan; 4023−1+4023−5 & 4023−23+4023−29, F. velutipes var. longispora, USA. FvSTE3.1 and FvSTE3.2 are uniquely amplified from the control, dikaryon KACC43778. All other pheromone receptors are regularly amplified from geographically distant F. velutipes strains. Sequence similarity of PCR products for each regularly amplified pheromone receptor was high showing that they are non mating-type specific. Base pair similarity is shown in percentage in the bottom line.