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Prenyl transferase enzymatic assays with X. dendrorhous protein extracts.

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posted on 2014-05-05, 03:53 authored by Jennifer Alcaíno, Ignacio Romero, Mauricio Niklitschek, Dionisia Sepúlveda, María Cecilia Rojas, Marcelo Baeza, Víctor Cifuentes

Enzymatic assays were performed as described in the Materials and Methods Section. Two protein extract samples from two replicate cultures were obtained for each strain, and then two enzymatic assays were performed with each protein extract. The table values are the mean values of prenyl transferase activity and percentage of product ± standard error of the mean.

*Percentage of each product considering 100% the total radioactivity found in the hexanic phase.

ND: Product not detected in TLC analysis. C10, C15 and C20 correspond to products containing 10, 15 and 20 carbon atoms, respectively.

**The assays conducted using FPP as a substrate yielded low amounts of products, which could not be detected under the experimental conditions.