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Predicted GH2O values (in mgH20/day·Torr) for the Comahue eggs (based on Table 1 and formulae in [15]) alongside those for other taxa from previous studies (i.e., GH2O values estimated using pore counts from egg shell thin sections).

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posted on 17.04.2013, 01:18 by Mariela S. Fernández, Rodolfo A. García, Lucas Fiorelli, Alejandro Scolaro, Rodrigo B. Salvador, Carlos N. Cotaro, Gary W. Kaiser, Gareth J. Dyke

Note that: (1) because different approaches were used to predict GH2O values (regressions versus pore counts from thin sections) they may not be comparable; and (2) value shown for G. minuta is that predicted when compared to an avian egg of similar size, not GH2O, which has been estimated to range from 63.9 [11] to 22.4 [14]. See [11] for further discussion.