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File S1 - Perceptual Distortions in Pitch and Time Reveal Active Prediction and Support for an Auditory Pitch-Motion Hypothesis

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posted on 06.08.2013, 02:44 authored by Molly J. Henry, J. Devin McAuley

Proportions of “longer” or “more pitch change” responses as a function of Comparison Level for the time-change (left) and pitch-change (right) tasks. The data come from a separate experiment in which the 1000 Hz/s standard-velocity condition was repeated, but the mapping of response to buttons was reversed. As we observed in the experiment proper, duration was overestimated when the comparison velocity was faster than the standard velocity, and underestimated when the comparison was slower than the standard. On the other hand, pitch change was underestimated when the comparison was relatively fast and overestimated when the comparison was relatively slow. Notably, results were inconsistent with an explanation based on stimulus-response compatibility effects.