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Perceptions of risk and benefit, and attitudes towards the willingness to engage in risk mitigation behavior and factor loadings from principal component analysis.

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posted on 2014-07-08, 03:06 authored by Franziska Humair, Christoph Kueffer, Michael Siegrist

Note: Numbers vary from 608 to 622 because of missing data. Rating scales for item 1 went from 1 = ‘very small problem’ to 6 = ‘very big problem’, for items 2–13 from 1 = ‘not agree at all’ to 6 = ‘totally agree’, and for items 14–18 from 1 = ‘I cannot imagine at all’ to ‘I can imagine very well’.

*Item was recoded prior to principal component analysis. Some of the survey questions were adapted from Peters et al.[24] and Coats et al.[19].