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Percentage similarity between Na+/K+-ATPase (Nka) α-subunits from the brain of Monopterus albus and those from gills of Anabas testudineus.

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posted on 31.12.2013, 04:48 by Xiu L. Chen, Nicklaus L. J. E. Wee, Kum C. Hiong, Jasmine L. Y. Ong, You R. Chng, Biyun Ching, Wai P. Wong, Shit F. Chew, Yuen K. Ip

The percentage similarity between the deduced amino acid sequence of Nkaα1, Nkaα3a and Nkaα3b from the brain of M. albus with Nkaα1a, Nkaα1b and Nkaα1c from the gills of A. testudineus obtained from GenBank (accession numbers in brackets; Ip et al. [44]). Sequences are arranged in a descending order of similarity.