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Pairwise genetic divergence among the Tetraclita species in the West Indian Ocean and the two outgroups based on H3.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 23:19 authored by Ling Ming Tsang, Yair Achituv, Ka Hou Chu, Benny Kwok Kan Chan

The intraspecific divergence is shown on the diagonal. Tach: Tetraclita achituvi; Truf: Tetraclita rufotincta; Tren: Tetraclita reni; Tsp: Tetraclita sp. nov.; Tehs: Tetraclita ehsani; Tser1 and 2: Tetraclita serrata clade 1 and 2; Tkuo: Tetraclita kuroshioensis; and Tros: Tesseropora rosea. The intraspecific divergence for Tkuo and Tros is not available as only one specimen was analyzed for each of them.