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Pairwise comparisons of different plant species and treatment δD (‰) for 2009 and 2010.

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posted on 17.09.2013, 01:35 by Jia Hu, Kelly A. Hopping, Joseph K. Bump, Sichang Kang, Julia A. Klein

There were no treatments in 2009. Non-statistically significant comparisons were not included. Rooting depths from shallow to deep are as follows (5–35 cm): Kobresia pygmaea (KOPY), Leontopodium pusillum (LEPU), Potentilla saundersiana (POSA), Potentilla fruticosa (POFR), Oxygropis stracheyana (OXST), Astragalus rigidulus (ASRI). The four treatments were: C = control, W = warming, S = snow addition, WS = warming×snow addition. * signifies P<0.05, ** signifies P<0.005.