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PMM resistance selection in promastigotes: in vitro PMM susceptibility (IC50) of L. donovani parasites cultured as promastigotes under increasing PMM drug pressure.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 04:34 by Sarah Hendrickx, Raquel Andrea Inocêncio da Luz, Vasundhra Bhandari, Kristel Kuypers, Craig D. Shaw, Julien Lonchamp, Poonam Salotra, Katharine Carter, Shyam Sundar, Suman Rijal, Jean-Claude Dujardin, Paul Cos, Louis Maes

To determine amastigote susceptibility of the induced promastigotes, stationary-phase stages were used to infect mouse primary macrophages and J774 macrophages.

P = parent non selected strain/R = selected resistant strain

nd = not done.


BPK087/0 cl-11: susceptible to SbIII (IC50<15 µg/ml eq.) and resistant to SbV (IC50>77 µg/ml eq.)