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Overnight vibrational amplitude distributions for three colonies.

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posted on 2015-11-18, 17:19 authored by Martin Bencsik, Yves Le Conte, Maritza Reyes, Maryline Pioz, David Whittaker, Didier Crauser, Noa Simon Delso, Michael I. Newton

In colony No. 5, the most common vibrational amplitude oscillates regularly over the entire summer, whilst in colony No. 6, a period without a peak in May takes place three weeks after the primary swarm (the date of which is indicated with the yellow tick in early April). Visual inspection revealed that colony No. 2 was temporarily 'drone laying' in July, and this is also reflected as a clear perturbation of the cycle. Histograms are all normalised to their maximum (red pixel). The data for all colonies is available in S1 Fig.