Number of GABAergic activated neurons in Control, Paradoxical sleep deprived rats or rats with hypersomnia in paradoxical sleep.

Number (median (Q1; Q3)) of Fos-ir/GAD+ neurons counted in the tuberal and mammillary hypothalamus in PSC, PSD and PSR rats on a total of 6 sections at 600µm intervals after Fos immunohistochemistry combined with GAD67 mRNA in situ hybridization. The values displayed are the median across 4 animals in each group of all Fos-ir/GAD+ double-labeled neurons counted on one or several sections (column n) depending on the rostrocaudal extent of the structures. Significance values are: *P<0.05 vs PSC; #P<0.05 between PSR and PSD. Abbreviations are detailed in table 1.