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Non-synonymous SNPs, synonymous SNPs, and indels discovered between NE061598 and Schu S4.

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posted on 21.02.2013 by Ufuk Nalbantoglu, Khalid Sayood, Michael P. Dempsey, Peter C. Iwen, Stephen C. Francesconi, Ravi D. Barabote, Gary Xie, Thomas S. Brettin, Steven H. Hinrichs, Paul D. Fey

aNucleotide number at which SNP or indel is located in the Schu S4 and NE061598 genome, respectively.

bPutative nucleotide substitutions or indel in the Schu S4 and NE061598 genomes, respectively, as identified by genomic sequence comparison.

cType of nucleotide substitution. sSNP, synonomous single nucleotide polymorphism; nSNP, non-synonomous single nucleotide polymorphism; iSNP, intergenic single nucleotide polymorphism.

dOpen reading frame (ORF) associated with SNP or indel in the Schu S4 genome sequence. IGS, intergenic sequence.

ePutative protein function of associated ORF.

fAmino acid change of associated SNP or indel.