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NMR spectroscopy analysis confirms identity of coleon AL.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 20:29 by Alexander D. Crawford, Sandra Liekens, Appolinary R. Kamuhabwa, Jan Maes, Sebastian Munck, Roger Busson, Jef Rozenski, Camila V. Esguerra, Peter A. M. de Witte

a, Comparison of 1H-NMR chemical shift assignments from Ref. 44 and our experimental data, with more resolution for protons H-11A, 11B, 13A, 13B and 12; b, 13C NMR experimental chemical shift assignments, with 3 carbonyl peaks at 177–190 ppm, and olefinic peaks at 117–154 ppm corresponding to the aromatic fused-ring moeities.