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Most IVIg-mobilized CD19+CD27high cells are immature.

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posted on 07.05.2008, 13:17 by Izumi Mori, Christophe Parizot, Karim Dorgham, Sophie Demeret, Zahir Amoura, Francis Bolgert, Guy Gorochov

(A) Representative analyses of circulating and bone marrow CD19+CD27high cells in a GBS patient 7 days after IVIg infusion and in a healthy bone marrow donor. (B) Control mature medullary CD19+CD27high plasma cells (as identified in panel A, right) were CXCR4highCD138highHLA-DRlow (gray line). Circulating IVIg-mobilized CD19+CD27high plasma cells were CXCR4lowCD138lowHLA-DRhigh (solid line). Isotype controls were presented (dotted line). (C) Balance between immature (HLA-DRhigh) and mature (HLA-DRlow) plasma cells (PCs) in IVIg-treated patients 7 days after treatment. GBS (disability grade 3 or more, n = 40) and CIDP (n = 14) patients received IVIg only, whereas MG (n = 7) and IM (n = 6) patients received IVIg and steroids. Data are mean ± s.e.m. Comparisons of indicated mean values were performed by use of Mann-Whitney U test.