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Main causes of deatha among adolescents and young adults (15–24 years), by gender.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 20:54 authored by Penelope A. Phillips-Howard, Frank O. Odhiambo, Mary Hamel, Kubaje Adazu, Marta Ackers, Anne M. van Eijk, Vincent Orimba, Anja van’t Hoog, Caryl Beynon, John Vulule, Mark A. Bellis, Laurence Slutsker, Kevin deCock, Robert Breiman, Kayla F. Laserson

NOTE. RRfem, Relative risk for females compared with males; CI, confidence interval; χ2, chi-squared.


Statistics presented exclude deaths with undetermined cause (n = 174); of 238 NCD deaths, 13 ‘other’ NCDs are excluded from main cause of death analysis.


CD, communicable diseases (HIV, TB, malaria, other common infections).


HIV/TB is the combination of all deaths diagnosed with either TB or HIV as the cause of death.


Significantly higher proportion of deaths in males, inverse RRmales presented [in brackets].