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List of putative carbohydrate esterases, pectate lyases and carbohydrate binding related modules in the muskoxen rumen eukaryotic metatranscriptome (Muskoxen MT), and comparison of their abundance of selected GH and CBM domains with those of three other foregut microbiomes: foregut of wallaby (Macropod); bovine rumen (Bovine 2009 and Bovine 2011) and hindgut of termite (Termite).

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posted on 31.05.2011, 00:09 by Meng Qi, Pan Wang, Nicholas O'Toole, Perry S. Barboza, Emilio Ungerfeld, Mary Beth Leigh, L. Brent Selinger, Greg Butler, Adrian Tsang, Tim A. McAllister, Robert J. Forster

Domains identified from muskoxen MT contigs that significantly different from the rest data are indicated in bold.