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Line spectra of (PEG)200 in Solid State.

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posted on 20.10.2014, 02:48 by Mortéza Laridjani, Pierre Leboucher

The positions of the lines spectrum, 2θ, separated from coherent diffuse scattering of (PEG)200 cooling to the −8°c, in-situ,. The values of (d) have been, calculated by reduced of diffraction grating: .

Here λ = 0.5609 Å (λkα Ag), θ and I respectively are the position of selective lines, I is the relative intensity of lines after separation the lines from the coherent diffuse scattering.

The d(hkl) = 2.35(111), (2.49)(200), (1.44)(220), (1.38)(331)Å are considered as the Bragg reflections from sample holder.

Line spectra of (PEG)200 in Solid State.