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Krill and Cassin’s auklet model results with transformation (L = linear, Q = quadratic, C = cubic) and coefficient sign for significant variables.

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posted on 2015-12-02, 04:34 authored by Suzanne Manugian, Meredith L. Elliott, Russ Bradley, Julie Howar, Nina Karnovsky, Benjamin Saenz, Anna Studwell, Pete Warzybok, Nadav Nur, Jaime Jahncke


‡ ≥ 0.05;

* < 0.05;

** < 0.01;

*** < 0.0001.

Predictive models used a two-part model combining logistic and negative binomial regressions for krill biomass (g m-2; n = 3046) and a zero-inflated negative binomial regression for Cassin’s auklet counts (birds km-2; n = 3879). The bold variables represent significant (p < 0.01, Likelihood Ratio Test) interactions of that variable with year and coefficient sign refers to the main effect without any interactions.