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Investigation of Spatial Distribution of Radiocesium in a Paddy Field as a Potential Sink

posted on 15.11.2013, 03:05 authored by Kazuya Tanaka, Hokuto Iwatani, Yoshio Takahashi, Aya Sakaguchi, Kazuya Yoshimura, Yuichi Onda

Surface soils, under various land uses, were contaminated by radionuclides that were released by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. Because paddy fields are one of the main land uses in Japan, we investigated the spatial distribution of radiocesium and the influence of irrigation water in a paddy field during cultivation. Soil core samples collected at a paddy field in Fukushima showed that plowing had disturbed the original depth distribution of radiocesium. The horizontal distribution of radiocesium did not show any evidence for significant influence of radiocesium from irrigation water, and its accumulation within the paddy field, since the original amount of radiocesium was much larger than was added into the paddy field by irrigation water. However, it is possible that rainfall significantly increases the loading of radiocesium.


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