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Hazard Ratios for Key Events by Study Phase.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 21:34 authored by Norman Markowitz, Gustavo Lopardo, Deborah Wentworth, Daniela Gey, Abdel Babiker, Lawrence Fox, Jorge Tavel

Table gives number of patients experiencing an event during the indicated study period and rate per 100 patient months follow-up. HR = hazard ratio (IL-2 versus control) from a proportional hazards model stratified by region. Main study refers to the period from randomization to 28 February 2009, the original planned end of the study (patients at risk: 176 IL-2, 91 control). Extension refers to the extended follow-up phase, from 1 March 2009 through 28 February 2011 (patients at risk: 142 IL-2, 80 control). Interaction p-values shown are for treatment group by study phase interaction.


This reflects one additional OD event, in the control group, that was reported after the analysis and publication of the original study data.


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