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Haplotype frequency of the ORAI1 gene in HLA-B27(+) or HLA-B27(-) patients with ankylosing spondylitis and controls.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 17:51 authored by James Cheng-Chung Wei, Jeng-Hsien Yen, Suh-Hang Hank Juo, Wei-Chiao Chen, Yu-Shiuan Wang, Yi-Ching Chiu, Tusty-Jiuan Hsieh, Yuh-Cherng Guo, Chun-Huang Huang, Ruey-Hong Wong, Hui-Po Wang, Ke-Li Tsai, Yang-Chang Wu, Hsueh-Wei Chang, Edward Hsi, Wei-Pin Chang, Wei-Chiao Chang

*Significant (P<0.05) values are in bold.

†Adjusted the effects of age and sex for HLA-B27 positive patients compared with controls.

‡Adjusted the effects of age and sex for HLA-B27 negative patients compared with controls.


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