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Haplotype effects in unrelated, family and combined data sets for IL19 (rs12409415-rs2056225-rs2243158) a.

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posted on 2010-08-18, 01:23 authored by Kelli K. Ryckman, Katherine Fielding, Adrian V. Hill, Maimuna Mendy, Pura Rayco-Solon, Giorgio Sirugo, Marianne A. van der Sande, Pauline Waight, Hilton C. Whittle, Andrew J. Hall, Scott M. Williams, Branwen J. Hennig

Equivalent to SNP IDs 118, 119, 120 in [17].

Adjusted p-values are corrected for measurement time (between last vaccination and peak antibody level assessment) and vaccine group (six regimes since 1984).

Asterisks denote results significant after correction for multiple testing. Additive values and 95% Confidence Intervals are given for haplotypes after adjusting for measurement time and vaccine group. Correction for multiple testing using false discovery rate (FDR – q = 0.2) was performed separately in the unrelated, family and combined data accounting for 1,376 tests in the unadjusted and 111 tests in the adjusted analysis, respectively 19. For specific haplotype tests correction for multiple testing with FDR accounts for the number of haplotypes examined (4 haplotypes). Therefore anything <0.05 in the adjusted or unadjusted analysis was significant after correction for multiple testing.


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