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Group comparison of objective image quality (mean vessel attenuation, muscle attenuation, background noise, CNR, SNR).

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posted on 2014-06-11, 02:51 authored by Dietrich Beitzke, Richard Nolz, Sylvia Unterhumer, Christina Plank, Michael Weber, Rüdiger Schernthaner, Veronika Schöpf, Florian Wolf, Christian Loewe

Mixed model ANOVA was used for group comparison of objective image quality. Data are means±standard deviations.

HU = Houndsfield units, CNR = contrast-to-noise ratio, SNR = signal-to-noise ratio. BN = Standard deviation HU.

*BN at the level of the aorta = BN ACC.

 = Significance level <0.05.