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Genotype-phenotype associations of the PTPN2 SNP rs2542151 in UC patients.

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posted on 21.03.2012, 01:29 by Jürgen Glas, Johanna Wagner, Julia Seiderer, Torsten Olszak, Martin Wetzke, Florian Beigel, Cornelia Tillack, Johannes Stallhofer, Matthias Friedrich, Christian Steib, Burkhard Göke, Thomas Ochsenkühn, Nazanin Karbalai, Julia Diegelmann, Darina Czamara, Stephan Brand

PG: p-value for association comparing carriers of the G-allele to individuals homozygous for A. Association results for age at diagnosis and BMI are based on median split. None of the p-values remained significant after Bonferroni correction for multiple testing (number of hypothesis tested: n = 12, resulting in a significance threshold of p<4.167×10−3).