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Functional assays of GroEL CP86 and oxidized glutathione-treated GroEL CP86-C4.

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posted on 30.10.2013, 19:52 by Toshifumi Mizuta, Kasumi Ando, Tatsuya Uemura, Yasushi Kawata, Tomohiro Mizobata

A. Refolding assays of pig heart MDH. Closed circles denote refolding in the presence of wild type GroEL and GroES, open circles denote spontaneous refolding. Closed diamonds indicate refolding in the presence of CP86 and wild type GroES, and closed triangles indicate refolding in the presence of CP86-C4 pre-treated with oxidized glutathione in the presence of ATP. B. Refolding assays of bovine rhodanese. Legends are identical to panel A. C. ATPase activity of GroEL mutants. The concentration of inorganic phosphate released after 60 min is given as values relative to the basal ATPase activity seen for wild type GroEL in the absence of equimolar GroES (leftmost solid bar).