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Fitness, physical activity and dietary intake variables by ethnic group and environment.

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posted on 08.09.2011, 02:23 by Carlos A. Celis-Morales, Francisco Perez-Bravo, Luis Ibañes, Ruth Sanzana, Edison Hormazabal, Natalia Ulloa, Carlos Calvo, Mark E. S. Bailey, Jason M. R. Gill

Data are presented as mean ± SD. Statistical analysis was undertaken on age- and sex-adjusted data. p values shown are for comparisons of means between Rural Mapuche, Urban Mapuche, Rural European and Urban European groups for main effects of ethnicity (Ethn) and of environment (Env), and the Ethnicity x environment (Ethn x Env) interaction effect: for the main effects, those in parentheses indicate residual main effects in a model with a significant interaction term, while those not in parentheses indicate main effects in a model without the interaction term. Significant p values (i.e. p<0.004) are shown in bold.