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Estimated mean number of sexual partners per prior 3-month period and 95% confidence intervals [CI] for each sexual behavior variable of interest among MSM in Options/San Francisco, 2009–2010.

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posted on 19.02.2013 by Snigdha Vallabhaneni, J. Jeff McConnell, Lisa Loeb, Wendy Hartogensis, Fredrick M. Hecht, Robert M. Grant, Christopher D. Pilcher

Number of participants who contribute to each time point varies because this was not a strictly longitudinal cohort study. All participants started contributing data in 2009, and were at various times since diagnosis when they completed their ACASIs.


PDP = potentially discordant partners (HIV-negative or unknown-status partners).


UAI = unprotected anal intercourse.


uIAI = unprotected insertive anal intercourse.


For participants with plasma viral load <500 copies/ml, number of PDP with whom uIAI occurred was set to 0.




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