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Effects of genotype (G), year (Y) and shoot type (ST) and their first-order interactions in the models selected for the total number of inflorescences per branch (NIn), the fruit set, the number of fruits per inflorescences (NFI), the percentage of inflorescences with one fruit (%In_1fr), in a F1 apple progeny derived from X3263בBelrène’ cross.

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posted on 2014-03-13, 09:19 authored by Jean-Marc Celton, Jean-Jacques Kelner, Sébastien Martinez, Abdel Bechti, Amina Khelifi Touhami, Marie José James, Charles-Eric Durel, François Laurens, Evelyne Costes

Broad sense heritability values (h2) and their confidence interval (CI) are indicated for each variable. Variables transformed with a square root transformation are indicated by * symbol.