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Effects of drug treatment on animal lifespan.

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posted on 25.09.2012, 00:13 by Yongsoon Kim, Hong Sun

N2 (wild-type) or daf-16(mgDf47) mutant animals were assayed on plates either containing desipramine (30 µM), clomipramine (5 µM), or no drug control (0 µM). All the lifespan assays were carried out at 20°C. Mean lifespan, relative mean lifespan and statistical analyses (P values) for each assay were listed. Standard error of the mean, SEM, is included in parenthesis. Each set of the lifespan experiments was repeated at least three independent times and similar results were obtained. Data from representative sets of experiments are shown. Greater than 50 worms were counted for each condition in each experiment.