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Effect of action and other verbs upon the height of the SVJ.

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posted on 03.07.2013, 01:59 by Tahar Rabahi, Patrick Fargier, Ahmad Rifai Sarraj, Cyril Clouzeau, Raphael Massarelli

Squat Vertical Jumps (J1 to J4, SVJ) were executed, in experiment 1, in the absence of cognitive stimuli; BJ: control jump; experiment 2 was performed to observe the effect of various cognitive stimuli such as KI (kinaesthetic imagery), the pronunciation of the specific action verb jump or its silent pronunciation (S-jump), subjects also performed a mental subtraction (MS, three digits minus two digits, the result was told at the end of the experiment); experiment 3 studied the reading (R) of jump under different modalities: the control was its pronunciation as in the precedent experiments, R: the subjects were asked to read loudly or silently (RS) the verb written on a screen, in Rm the verb was read loudly while moving bottom-up on the screen (moderate speed on Power Point software), (RSm) idem as in Rm, but the reading was silently performed, as control (blank screen) the subjects were asked to jump in front of the white (not lighted) screen; the effect of other action verbs (lick, pinch and tiáo) was studied in experiment 4; hearing action verbs (H) was studied in experiment 5 where subjects heard the same action verbs that in experiment 4 (H-lick, H-pinch and H-tiáo), through the voice of an experimenter, and in experiment 7 (H-jump, H-fall and H-stop). In experiment 6, the effect of the pronunciation of other non specific verbs upon the SJV height was realised with verbs jump (used as control), win, lose, move and dream. In all experiments the cognitive stimuli were randomized. The data are expressed as cm ± standard deviation (SD) and probability p and the z-score.