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Effect of LPA and COX inhibitors on the production of PGE2.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 22:31 by Micaela S. Sordelli, Jimena S. Beltrame, Maximiliano Cella, María Gracia Gervasi, Silvina Perez Martinez, Juliana Burdet, Elsa Zotta, Ana M. Franchi, María Laura Ribeiro

:p<0.001 vs the rest.

Uterine strips from rats pregnant on day 5 of gestation were incubated for 6 h with LPA 50 µM alone or in the presence of indomethacin 1 µM (a non selective COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor) or NS-398 1 µM (a selective COX-2 inhibitor). In another set of experiments, the tissue was incubated for 6 h with indomethacin or NS-398 alone. The production of PGE2 was determined by radioimmunoassay.