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Effect of IL-11 on the expression of MMPs, TIMPs and integrins.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 10:22 authored by Pankaj Suman, Geeta Godbole, Ravi Thakur, Diana M. Morales-Prieto, Deepak N. Modi, Udo R. Markert, Satish K. Gupta

For each sample, ΔCt values were obtained after normalization with the Ct values for 18S rRNA. After that fold change in expression (ΔCt values) between the groups was calculated with respect to the untreated JEG-3 cells.


p<0.001 between untreated JEG-3 and HTR-8/SVneo cells;

*p<0.05 between un-stimulated and IL-11 treated HTR-8/SVneo cells.