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Echocardiographic parameters in professional soccer players and age matched controls.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 19:10 by Csaba Lengyel, Andrea Orosz, Péter Hegyi, Zsolt Komka, Anna Udvardy, Edit Bosnyák, Emese Trájer, Gábor Pavlik, Miklós Tóth, Tibor Wittmann, Julius Gy. Papp, András Varró, István Baczkó

IVSd: interventricular septum thickness during diastole; LVPWd: left ventricular posterior wall thickness; LVIDd, LVIDs: left ventricular internal diameter during diastole and systole; n = 23 in each group,


**p<0.01 vs. control.