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ESX-5-dependent surface proteins of M. marinum.

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posted on 04.05.2015, 03:25 by Louis S. Ates, Roy Ummels, Susanna Commandeur, Robert van der Weerd, Marion Sparrius, Eveline Weerdenburg, Marina Alber, Rainer Kalscheuer, Sander R. Piersma, Abdallah M. Abdallah, Moataz Abd El Ghany, Alyaa M. Abdel-Haleem, Arnab Pain, Connie R. Jiménez, Wilbert Bitter, Edith N.G. Houben

* Average normalized spectral counts from two biological replicates

Cell surface enriched and cell envelope proteins of M. marinum::mspA and Δesx-5::mspA strains were analyzed by LC-MS/MS. Proteins were classified as secreted proteins when the relative normalized abundance was four times higher in the cell-surface enriched fractions as compared to the cell envelope. Shown here are only proteins with at least a five-fold decrease in spectral counts in the Δesx-5::mspA strain. Rows in bold indicate proteins with restored secretion in the presence of esx-5tub.

ESX-5-dependent surface proteins of M. marinum.