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ELISA p24 Antigen Concentration and Viral Load Summary Statistics.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 04:02 by William Kilembe, Michelle Keeling, Etienne Karita, Shabir Lakhi, Paramesh Chetty, Matt A. Price, Heeran Makkan, Mary Latka, Morongwe Likoti, Kenneth Ilukui, Mackenzie Hurlston, Susan Allen, Gwynn Stevens, Eric Hunter

Upper limit of detection for the VL assay  = 15,000,000, any observation that exceeded 15,000,000 recorded as 15,000,001.

Group 1: Antigen positive, antibody negative i.e. acute HIV infection (Ag+ Ab−).

Group 2: Antigen positive, antibody positive i.e. early HIV infection (Ag+ Ab+).